10 May 2010

Observations of the new world - part 1

My brain is of course being massively altered right now.  Being paid to try to make sense out of social media is Ken Kesey being paid to test out psychedelics.

Blog: TooTallSid  Twitter: @TooTallSid  Facebook: Sid Sidner  LinkedIn: Sid Sidner

Above you see my four outlets.

I am starting to get rocking on Twitter.  I use the program Tweetdeck and really like it. It has PC and iPxxxx versions.  You can fire up the PC version in the background in the morning and check it every now and then.  It supports the idea of columns, which is a terrific idea.  I have learned most of what I know about Twitter in the last two weeks from Tweetdeck.

My personal blog is just a great place to capture once, ideas like this.  Then I can send a blog link by email, Twitter, Facebook status or message, or handwritten on a note for use with a carrier pigeon.

Facebook is for personal stuff.  Statuses, musings, comments, photos - just fun.  No business, although I plan to turn Ping Identity's corporate page into a way to share the human side of PingIdentians.  I am careful about two things w/ Facebook, however. (1) I don't post anything that could be used for identity theft, such as to calculate my birthday or out-of-wallet info like mother's maiden name, and (2) I avoid religion, sex, politics, and death, since those are always bound to offend somebody that I know and like, or don't know and want to like.

I haven't started in on LinkedIn, except to make sure that my shoes are shined and hair parted on it.  LinkedIn is my professional image and it needs to be crisp as a new $100 bill.

Well, back to watching the nurse w/ the clipboard, who just doesn't understand what is happening inside my head...

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