07 May 2010

How To Communicate on the Internet: Inbound Marketing

Blogging? Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Search Engine Optimization? Social media? If you're just a little confused or overwhelmed by these concepts, I highly recommend Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah.  This little book is easy to read and gives you a step by step introduction to how to participate in the Web and find your Voice.

Inbound marketing contrasts with outbound marketing because it is based on pull rather than push.  People find you by word of mouth, or the digital equivalent, hyperlinks.   The Web is becoming a vast social network, where value and reputation are king.  This book is not just about marketing in the conventional sense.  It is about the marketplace of ideas, whether it is commercial, non-profit, or personal.

Each chapter of Inbound Marketing ends with a checklist of actions discussed in the chapter with lines to add your own action items.  As I read the book, the ends of the chapters ended up filled with my ideas, scrawled in the margins and all the free space.

They use the Grateful Dead as a use case, so how could I not like this book?!

The authors have a Web site, hubspot.com, which goes into even more depth.  If you want, they can host your company's Web site.

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