01 June 2010

Cognitive Surplus

Wired Magazine has a killer interview with Daniel Pink and Clay Shirky.  Clay is one of my heros, and after reading this, I think I need to learn more about Mr. Pink.

Clay has been talking for awhile about where we all find the time to do stuff on the Internet: we don't watch as much TV. Americans watch on the average 200 billion hours of TV a year.  Yeah, take a minute and just think about that number.  Remember, a normal 9 to 5 job is about 2000 hours a year, so that is about 400 million 9 to 5 jobs per year - about the population of the U.S. if you include every man, woman and child.  Yeah, just think about it.

Clay has coind the term, cognitive surplus.  Great phrase.

Check out the interview.  It is short, has very high signal to noise ratio, and has some great quotes.  Plus you find out what both their favorite Gilligan Island episode was. (It was mine, too.)  Cognitive Surplus: The Great Spare-Time Revolution

There's hope, friends.  Carpe diem!  Moving from consumption to sustainability.

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